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Blog University 14

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Blog University 14

My recipe: Like any recipe, adjust it and make it your own.

Take reasonable precautions. Keep water handy. I like a spray bottle.

Oven baked clay*
Fome ball or wet tissue
Extender clay optional
Medium and wax

Hot air gun
Griddle or heat source**
Shaping tools
India ink optional

1. Collect materials needed. Set up area to work.

2. Knead clay until it can be rolled into a ball. Add enough extender to get a smooth ball.

3. Press clay flat enough to cover the fome ball. If head is smaller pare off enough to be completely covered. Wet tissue is another possibility to lighten head.

4. Shape face and hair. Use things like toothpicks, palette knives, fingers.

5. Shape a neck to attach head. One or two holes will permit thick thread to be inserted.

6. Bake the head following directions. The head should stand. Cool.

Waxing the face
In tuna cans, melt enough medium to divide with the number of colors you wish to use. Non-synthetic brushes are the only ones to use.

Place stick or darning needle through holes.

Use Medium first. You could also use gesso. Cover all but the part that will be used to anchor the head. Fuse with hot air gun to glossy stage.

I used layers colors: orange, red, red-orange, blue and green. Fuse between each layer, using only enough heat as needed. To mix colors, put drops right on heat and paint from the mixture. Black piece can be put on heat without medium for hair.***

Cooling, Carving
Let the waxed head cool. If it no longer stands, place a drop of hot wax on support and it will stand. Unused wax can be reused.

Carve and smooth the wax as needed.

Eyes can be painted with a skewer touched in india ink. I tend to ignore eyebrows but what ever works for you. Want more color detail? Oil paint, pastel,powdered pigments are possible additions to rub on.

Buff the head with a soft clean cloth. Wax may feel tacky. Wax will get smooth and transluscent. It also may feel cold.

* I have used two types. One is very white. The other is more tinted.

** You can use an old griddle, electric frying pan with a thermostat. Thermostats about $10 at Target. Up to 200 degrees for wax.

*** See craft books for hair ideas. (Search engine Bing or Google)

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